How to use social media to market your shop!

Social media sites are the best way to market your FashionIslam shop! There are tons of resources and tips for how to market your shop with social media. 

We’ll go through the basics in this article and supply you with additional resources and give you some great example FashionIslam shops to be inspired by.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram & Pinterest

It’s important to be social on these websites—follow people, comment on their updates, like pictures, talk to followers! And don’t forget, you only need one follower to start building a community! Connect with your friends and ask them to invite their friends to get the ball rolling 🙂


Using Facebook is key when it comes to driving social traffic. Start by creating a Business Page for your shop. With a Facebook Page you will be able to guide your customers to a place where they can learn more about your business and interact with one another. Start by inviting all your friends to like your page!

Be sure to fill out all information fields on your Facebook age—upload a nice cover photo or video, add a profile picture and a description for your page, you know the drill!

Use Facebook to drive traffic to your blog posts by linking to them. Add pictures of your products and link to them directly. Don’t forget to communicate with your customers by answering all of their questions, concerns and praise!

Great FashionIslam shops that use Facebook:

Further readings:


Another great tool to quickly communicate with existing and potential customers is Twitter. If you’re not familiar with Twitter, it’s basically a messaging service where you communicate with your followers using 140 characters or less in each tweet.

One great thing with Twitter is the use of hashtags (#). When writing about your shop and products be sure that you use hashtags when appropriate, this will allow users who don’t know about your shop to search for it.

When using Twitter, always keep an eye on your mentions. Mentions are when someone interacts with your account. You can find all mentions under the Notifications tab in the menu.

Great FashionIslam shops that use Twitter:

  • Violet & Percy
  • Maria Herreros
  • EyeBodega

Further readings:

Instagram and Pinterest

What better way to show your products than on social media channels based on imagery? Instagram and Pinterest are perfect channels to use when promoting your products.

Instagram is hashtag driven just as Twitter, so when you’re adding your products make sure you use the appropriate hashtags.

Pinterest is similar but still quite a bit different, here you can categorize your Pins onto boards. Be creative with these boards and make sure you write a text to each picture so that people will be intrigued to click on it!

When using these two social channels you really should ensuring that the product images you use are second-to-none.

Great FashionIslam shops that use Instagram:

  • Designfirman
  • Servant Footwear

Great FashionIslam shops that use Pinterest:

Further readings on Instagram:

Further readings on Pinterest:

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